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Ciagarettes-Shop.US is the market leader in cheap cigarettes market in U.S.A. Our company enterprises business since 2005. We are sure that we will merit the trust of our customers.

There are several of our major principles:
Low discount prices;
High quality products;
Excellent care and service for all customers.

We offer the most affordable prices. The reason we can guarantee such appealing prices is as simple as that:

    Our cigarettes are duty free, which means you do not pay any taxes and they are not included into the price.

This has become possible because we have connections with authentic bonded warehouses of the world-famous tobacco companies, and the products you ordered are shipped directly from there - no intermediaries or any other expenses involved. We purpose a wide range of invaluable brands, due to the leadership position in essential segments of cigarettes market.

Our Company is able to build on its high position because of its minded focus on value creation for the smokers through fresh product design, innovation, quality, marketing and distribution. Additionally, the choice of cigarettes at this site features only the well-known names and brands. Every pack and carton is properly marked so you can always be sure your cigarettes were manufactured in Europe and have gone through close scrutiny and multi-stage control to make sure they meet all the standards of the manufacturer.

Since we work with big companies and have developed a wide network of partners to guarantee high quality of the service, we can offer you the most famous cigarette brands of genuine quality and at duty-free prices. All the items you see at the site are bought in bulk directly by our online store, so the absence of intermediaries in this process ensures that you get the best taste and freshness. Buying duty-free cigarettes means that you do not have to pay any taxes - be that federal, state or excise tax. All these taxes are paid when you purchase your pack of cigarettes through a retail store, so you are saving big with us.

Cheap Cigarettes are contemporary and relevant to the changing attitudes and evolving online cigarettes sales. In the extremely competitive US market, our strategies are focused on the smokers opinions. Cigarettes-Shop.US offers high-quality, value-priced discount cigarettes and growing volumes of its cheap tobacco brands.

Our customers are provided with the impeccable service on Internet: every cigarette order, big or small, gets personal attention from a highly qualified customer support specialist.

Ciagarettes-Shop.US would like to help you save money and time by delivering your favorite brands of discount cigarettes to your door at best prices. We ship cigarettes only to USA. Feel free to provide us with proper information about taxes in your state. It will help us to improve on our service. Most premium cigarettes brands are available and delivered fresh to your doorstep within an average of 2 - 3 weeks after the payment was received. Due to the positive tax regime where we are located you are able to benefit from cheap cigarettes prices you used to pay years ago.

Our cheap shop represents a combination of the excellent service, the lowest prices and high product quality. We always take care of our regular customers. The only information we store in our database is your date of birth that we use for age verification and also for taking the opportunity to celebrate and give you a present on your birthday. In spite of the fact that we are receiving more than 1000 orders daily, we treat every customer as the exclusive one. To be honest, we are against smoking, but if you can not get rid of the habit and really get pleasure of it, then welcome to buy discount cigarettes in our cheap shop, because they are of the great quality and the lowest prices.

Also we will be very glad to know your opinion about our services and our Internet shop, and we will listen to any of your suggestion to improve the quality of our services. So do not hesitate to contact us at support@Cigarettes-Shop.us


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Remember: Cigarettes-Shop.US don’t encourage tobacco smoking, especially for those under the legal smoking age. It's your choice, but you should know that quitting smoking and avoiding second hand smoke is the best way of preventing conditions associated with cigarette smoke. Also, it is your responsibility to determine the legitimacy to buy cigarettes online in your local area.

All efforts was made to ensure heavily dependent smokers with cheap cigarettes prices. Due to the positive tax regime where the company is based, you are able to benefit from wholesale cheap cigarettes rates sold online, even considering shipping cost involved.

Furthermore, we offer promotional dirt cheap cigarettes sales that are branded will surely meet the financial capacity of our clients. However, cheap cigarettes don't mean they are of poor quality. We assure our clients that our promotional cheap cigarette products are top of the line and of high quality.

The cigarettes you buy are made in Europe, and are to European specification unless otherwise stated. All cigarettes for sale at our store are for personal use only. Reselling cigarettes may be a criminal offense.


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