Outdoor Smoking Ban At Town-owned Buildings In Smyrna To Start Late July

THE ISSUE Smyrna Town Council proposed a smoking cigarettes ban for outdoor locations on town-owned properties and passed the first reading of the ordinance during a June 20 meeting. These locations include parks, playgrounds, Lake Como and entrances to town-owned buildings.

The town applied for and received a $10,000 grant from the American Lung Association through the Delaware Division of Public Health for the project.

WHAT’S HAPPENED Council unanimously approved the third reading of the ordinance during their meeting on July 5.

Mayor Pat Stombaugh addressed some of the concerns people have brought up to her regarding the smoking cigarettes ban.

“I think number one before anybody gets upset as people have, again as I say it’s a choice, smoking cigarettes is a choice it’s a personal choice,” Stombaugh said, “but how it affects other people, they should have a right as to how it affects them and how it affects their children.”

Moreover, Stombaugh said the ban makes it so smokers have to smoke cigarettes a certain distance from the determined location. For example, a person can’t smoke cigarettes within a 25-foot radius of a playground, a public park, and the center point of any entrance to a town-owned facility.

During the council meeting, Chief of Police Will Bordley was questioned if the ordinance would be enforceable. “To answer this, it’s yes and no. This is probably going to be more of a reactive ordinance on our part.”

While Smyrna police may not have time to routinely look for violators of the ban, Bordley said police would respond if someone calls with a complaint.

Along with the health concern of second-hand smoke, Stombaugh said a concern is having to clean up after smokers.

WHAT’S NEXT It may still be a few weeks before the ordinance goes into effect. The ordinance states that a person can’t be penalized if there isn’t a visible sign stating there is no smoking cigarettes in the area.

Town Manager David Hugg said the town is waiting for the signs, therefore, the ordinance will go into effect later in July.

Prohibited smoking cigarettes locations
• Smyrna Municipal Park including the gazebo, skateboard park and the Veteran’s Memorial
• Playgrounds at Smyrna Municipal Park, Green Meadows Park and Sunnyside Park
• Lake Como inside the gated area
• Entrances at town-owned facilities such as the town hall, library and police department

• First violation – a warning
• Second violation – $25 fine
• Third violation – $50 fine


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