Harding Brothers Prepares To Unveil Ambitious Retail Complex On Board New

Leading travel retail concessionaire Harding Brothers is preparing to unveil an ambitious 6,500sq ft retail complex on board the new Celebrity Solstice cruise ship, which is launched in November. The ship will arrive in Fort Lauderdale next month before setting off to the Caribbean for a series of seven-day cruises taking in Puerto Rico, St Martin, and St Kitts.

As we reported previously, the Celebrity Solstice is the first addition to the Celebrity Cruises fleet since 2002 and is the company’s largest liner by far with a passenger capacity of nearly 3,000. Harding Bros said the retail offer would be “a class apart”.

Harding Brothers Operations Manager USA Adrian Riches said the offer was the result of strong partnership between retailer and cruise line. He said: “The merchandise assortment was carefully selected by Harding Brothers buyers and myself, with every item approved by Celebrity. It’s been a true partnership, especially in the Celebrity logo assortment and destinations assortment. We allowed a lot of involvement from Celebrity in this respect and I think we have a much more compelling assortment to offer on this ship as a result.”

A major coup, said the concessionaire, is the Solstice Diamond, a patented cut sold exclusively onboard, and created by Harding Brothers.

The company said: “Mined in Canada, the Solstice Diamond has 86 facets, resulting in the first ever 10-sided diamond with a stunning star pattern. The Solstice Diamond will be sold in varying sizes and mounted in hand-created settings for rings, pendants and earrings – so no two pieces are alike. The diamonds will be available in the ship's luxurious Boutique C.”

The retail area includes 19 shops, spanning three decks. They include, for the first time, a Chanel boutique – Adagio – offering perfumes, cosmetics and skincare products, along with personalised cosmetics consultations and interactive workshops focused on colour.

*The Lawn Club Shop. The aroma of freshly cut grass welcomes guests as they enter the shop where they can find picnics and a casual, contemporary resort line including polo shirts, sweaters and lawn games.

*The Showcase. Sparkling glassworks from around the world include collectible, limited edition pieces and items exclusive to the Celebrity Solstice from Antica Murina Riedel, Kosta Boda, Mats Jonasson and Stueben. The shop will also feature original works created by resident artists from The Corning Museum of Glass.

*The Artisan Store. One of a kind jewellery; guests can watch resident artists string pearls, carve cameos and mount gemstones to suit each shopper’s interests and preferences.

*Exquisites. The largest jewellery boutique onboard, Exquisites presents a vast array of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets along with items that reflect specific cruising regions such as canary, pink and blue diamonds. It includes brands such as Bellarri and H Stern.

*Spirits and Such. In a departure from the traditional liquor store, Spirits and Such offers premium liquor along with duty free discount cigarettes and cigars. The venue will also host tastings.

“We have also done a lot to integrate into the ship experience,” said Riches. “For example, Celebrity holds a wine seminar and features Riedel glass wear, so we have added an exclusive Riedel glass to our offering. Celebrity Solstice also features real live grass so we have added a grass covered flip flop that ties to the experience.”


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