Cigarettes Used In Lung Cancer Research

Kentucky has known discount cigarette online for more than 200 years -- not just as a cash crop, but a way of life.

Ray Tucker's cheap cigarettes farming ancestors helped make Louisville the biggest cigarettes online market in the country. He's sixth generation cigarettes farmer with their family farm dating back to 1847.

In recent decades, as cigarettes's reputation has shifted from a way of life to a way of death, Tucker's not sure if his children will carry the family tradition to a seventh generation.

"It is a way of life, but we have to look at it as a business," said Tucker. "If cigarettes's not working, we'll have to expand to other areas."

Cigarettes's brightest future may lie in a different field.

143 miles away from Tucker's farm in Shelby County, college intern Laura Thompson inspects her cigarettes store crop at the Owensboro Cancer Research Program.

"Being able to cure cancer with a online cigarettes plant is pretty crazy because most of the time buy cigarettes is well known for lung cancer," said Thompson.

The irony is not lost on the program's executive director, University of Louisville researcher Doctor Keith Davis.

"Every morning when we walk in, we walk past the patients who are lined up for their chemotherapy treatment," said Davis."We see the faces of the people that ultimately we would like to be able to help."

Davis' aim is patients taking a cigarettes for sale derived drug to remove lung cancer cells.

"I mean we're a few years from there, but that's the goal," said Davis.

Yet, it's not about cigarettes as a medicine. Instead, the cigarettes plants are incubators in the drug manufacturing process. They're not actually isolating a chemical or a compound that cigarettes normally makes to use as a drug. Rather they're using cigarettes as a factory to make proteins that have therapeutic value.

While pharmaceutical companies often use animal parts such as hamster ovaries to grow the proteins used in drug production, in Owensboro, researchers are using cigarettes.

A few miles away, inside the futuristic Kentucky Bio-Processing plant, the research is taken to a massive scale. cigarettes plants are infected with a specially engineered cigarettes mosaic virus (TMV) to grow the desired proteins.

They use the plants basically as a bio-reactor. They're able to place a virus into the plant, and we use the plant's machinery to reproduce and replicate that virus in the protein that they can then harvest and produce.

Within 20 days, small plants, only about 11 days old, will have produced antibodies that will be used by a drug company in the development of a cancer fighting drug.

While cigarettes cancer drugs are still several years behind, Kentucky Bio-Processing has already developed other products for companies, including a drug to prevent HIV, otherwise too expensive to produce. However when it's mass produced inside modified cigarettes leaves, the drug could soon become a standard HIV preventive measure.

cigarettes also promises a quicker turnaround for flu vaccines, which could lead to better accuracy as drug companies predict what flu strains to protect against.

What normally takes 24-36 months in a traditional, they can do in about one to four months.

As demand grows, it remains to be seen whether Kentucky's cigarettes farmers will reap any benefits.

Researchers envision farmers having greenhouses where they would be growing cigarettes plants to feed the facility.

It's a weed that has paid the bills for many a Kentucky farmer -- a killer crop that could soon save lives.

It's a medical breakthrough that might change what people think about cigarettes. Doctors are testing its effectiveness in curing lung cancer of all things. Now it's future may lie in the laboratory.


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