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Surgeon General's Warnings:

Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and may complicate pregnancy.

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555 cigarettes brand appeared on the international market long time ago. A very old silver-styled pack of 555 cigarettes was found in India, when it used to be the colony of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Now this brand is sold in more than 50 countries, 555 cigarettes are especially popular in Asia (in Vietnam this brand takes the first place in the list, the same situation is in Taiwan, China and Bangladesh).

State 555 smokes is a famous brand from the British American Tobacco Company (BAT). Not much is known about the history of this discount cigarettes brand, but it has appeared on the market quite a long time ago. It is not proven but supposed that, the discount 555 cigarettes were named after a train, and Albert Levy, the man who named them, registered all the three-number combinations from 111 to 999 as trademarks.

In Asia countries, 555 cigarettes online are the most successful of all of the marketed versions; apparently because five is a very lucky number in Asia and three of them together must be even luckier.

The 555 brand of cigarettes is an often sponsor of various racings such as car and boat racings because this number seems to be very lucky. State 555 cigarettes is a premium quality product that provides smokers with a unique balance of tobacco and additives.

555 is perhaps best known for its sponsorship of motorsports. 555 World Racing logos were seen on Subaru World Rally Championship cars from 1993 to 2004. ( the actual 555 brand placement became less frequent into the 2000s, until it was dropped altogether for 2005). Subaru continued to use 555's blue and yellow colour scheme as its WRC livery until its withdrawal, but with the manufacturer's own logos in place of the 555 brand.

British American Racing in 1999 originally wanted to brand Ricardo Zonta's car in the blue & yellow livery of 555 World Racing, whilst branding Jacques Villenueve's car with Lucky Strike colours. However, the move was blocked by the FIA, and they were forced to run two similar liveries. They opted to have the Lucky Strike brand on the left of the car and 555 World Racing on the right, with a zip going along the middle of the nose. It was highly unpopular, and so for 2000 Formula One Season, they chose to just display mostly Lucky Strike logos, with small 555 World Racing logos on the side and nose. Some years between 2000 and 2006 (After Honda had bought out BAR, and were under pressure to drop tobacco sponsorship under new EU legislation), they prominently displayed the 555 World Racing brand at the Chinese and Japanese Grands Prix, where the 555 brand is better known.

However, from 2007 until their withdrawal at the end of 2008, Honda adopted a livery with no sponsorship logos at all, but a livery depicted Earth to raise environmental awareness.


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